Lock 23 Diving is Running Smoothly

Diving at Lock 23 is working well with beautiful weather, good dive conditions, and ample parking for those divers who are comfortable outfitting themselves without assistance and can cruise the locks with the knowledge that they can get home safely if separated from their buddy or group. Within these parameters, the system runs smoothly. There were approximately 20-25 divers this evening.

Divers usually deposit their gear at the public dock and take turns parking their vehicles at the beach (which is now open), then walk back to gear up. The other option is to gear up and leave your car at the public dock, then at the end of the dive have someone watch your gear at the beach while you walk back to get your vehicle.

Bathrooms are now open 8-4 at both dock and beach. The Docksyde Snack Bar at the public dock is open until 9 pm. The pub and patio are open at the McIntosh Inn.

If you think you are experienced enough to dive here, you have a buddy, and you’d like specific information, feel free to contact me at sydneyschnurr@gmail.com. (If the link doesn’t work, just cut and paste.)

Hope you can enjoy the river this summer!