Morrisburg Beach Closed on Weekends

South Dundas has opted to close its beaches at Morrisburg and Iroquois on weekends, effective immediately until further notice. This obviously impacts divers on Lock 23 since the beach is the exit point for the dive.

Until I can get out tomorrow and survey things, I do not know exactly how divers might yet work with this. You could exit just shy of the beach but you have to figure out what to do with your gear and cars. I imagine they will cordon off the beach parking lot but leave the road open. Perhaps if you park your vehicle on the road, you could walk to it without any concerns.

The reason for the closure is not specifically related to divers… it is much more an issue of a vast amount of non-residents converging upon an open beach in these trying times. The parking lot has been overflowing.

I’ll update when I know more.

4 pm July 4. Divers were in today. They parked their vehicles on the road beyond the blockade, exited the water through the beach area and walked to their vehicles without issues. They were seen by local officials.