Larry and I have been diving the 180-year-old Williamsburg Canals for a few years now. We love the drifts, the sites, and the camaraderie of friends as we explore these historic Canadian places inaccessible to most. The more time we spend here, the more we learn about those who called this home long ago.

Many divers visit but few know the historical details as they coast through structures submerged in 1959 when the St. Lawrence Seaway Project created a massive modern transport system but displaced thousands of inhabitants in the process.

There’s lots to see – enormous walls, gates, cribbings, foundations, machinery. Discarded tools, lock mechanisms, building materials, bottles. Please leave them where you find them so that others may also enjoy.

Plan to visit often as I build detailed site plans and guides for safe, pleasurable dives through these fascinating spots. I’ve been out there with my GoPro and will share snapshots as I collect them to help you figure out where you are and what you’re looking at! And I’ll throw in history tidbits that I’ve gleaned along the way.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve it, if you have questions you need help with, or if you have new information you’d like to share.  It’ll always be changing. Good diving to you!