Arrival Landmarks at the Locks

I’ve completed (well, almost… there are a few tidbits to add) my 3D model of Lock 23. Here’s a top view.

And here’s a front view.

The point of this post is to let you know where the heck you are when you arrive at your first barrier at the end of the long approach drift. Details from there on in are in other posts.

(1) The sluice gates of the HydroElectric Plant.


3 identical sluice gates, each with 2 posts, divided by large narrow stone walls with vertical slots. Current relatively strong. It does not matter which gate you go over to get into the headpond of the hydroelectric plant.

2. The narrow (~8 feet), flat stone wall between the HE Plant and Rapide Plat Lock.

To the left are the sluice gates of the HE Plant. To the right is the entrance to the Rapide Plat Lock with its upstream sill attached to the immediate right hand corner of the wall in front of you.

3: The mitred weir across the Rapide Plat Lock.

Long, smooth stacked concrete beams joined in a V at the centre. Strong current.

4. The 1/2 curve at the end of the south approach to the Rapide Plat Lock.

Located at the south side of Rapide Plat Lock, even with the flat wall of the north side. You can only move left, then forward to the weir.

5. The large curved wall separating Rapide Plat Lock and Lock 23.

This is a humongous looming curved wall with a large berm of boulders and debris just in front of it. Current can be high, even ripping (to use a common diver’s adjective) as the water is forced to either side… to the left is a series of vertical wooden boards just before you go around the curve towards Rapide Plat. To the right is Lock 23 with its upstream sill seen as soon as you go around the curve.

6. The great south wall of Lock 23.

You can’t go further south than this while still being in the canal… you can actually swim straight to it from your entry point if you go due south. It’s the tallest wall because it is the deepest. 34 feet at the upstream sill, 48 or so at the most downstream point.

7. Zip. Nada. No barrier. No wall.

Just river bottom… and you may notice going over a big sill, or drifting over a wooden “floor”. You go from 34 feet to 48 feet as you drift along. You’re in the centre of Lock 23. No big deal. Just go north to hit its inner wall, then up (and it’s quite the height) and over, then shoreward to the inner routes.

Following your plan, or taking a different route than your plan, all relates to “hitting” your initial landmark or not. Dive often, memorize these spots, and you’ll find them super helpful as starting points through this huge site.