Website Updates are Moving Along

I’ve been working at updating the site as you know. I have now added a lot more information and a number of short videos to my pages on (1) entry details, (2) drifting to the locks while aiming for certain arrival spots and watching for clues along the river bottom to help you get there, (3) much more detail for both the 1847 Rapide Plat Lock and the 1905 Lock 23, and (4) exiting to the beach.

Next up will be a new page on the approach pier used in 1847 for the old lock and lengthened and improved for use in 1905 with the new lock.

Then I’ll tackle upgrading the information for the Hydroelectric Plant, the route with the largest amount of “stuff” to see.

I’m slowly disposing of old posts that are either no longer accurate or have been replaced as above, so if you can’t find something you thought you saw, let me know and I’ll tell you what happened.

If there is other specific information you’d like, please let me know.

Good diving to you!