2022 July 17: Lock 23 Site Update

Wow. Mid-July already and it’s my first post! Time to catch up and move forward.

Although we’ve been in the water regularly since mid-June, I can now safely say that everyone is wearing wetsuits (generally 7 mm) without hoods or heavy gloves. Water temp is regularly 21C/70F and warming up more in the summer heat.

The overall site has not changed. Water levels remain very low, our new norm. Landmarks have not changed. Current is variable. There seem to be more fish… and they’re bigger! Even visibility’s pretty good – up to a whopping 20 feet in some spots!

All the basic routes through the locks are detailed here already – simply browse through the drop-down menus. Going forward, I’m going to be putting more “posts of interest” related to what’s happening on a week-to-week basis, plus some teaching moments as we move along.

On Wednesday evenings, Larry and I manage our “Scuba Palace” group from our property. It’s all about diving with others comfortable in the often advanced level conditions that make up Lock 23. It’s also a time to ask questions about the site, contemplate my 3D model as you discuss routes, and meet new dive buddies along the way. We’ve also started a new routine where we discuss (over a post-dive BBQ of course!) current issues that come up in diving. If you’re interested in joining us, drop me a note at scubapalace@gmail.com.

I have also just created a Syd and Larry’s Scuba Palace” Facebook page. This is where I’ll put most of the new weekly details as we dive this enormous site. Word of Caution: at some point in the past, a “Scuba Palace at Lock 23” was created, but not by me, and I have not been able to remove or edit or even merge it with my new one. As I work through this problem, please remember that the “Syd and Larry’s” one is the correct one to link to.

See you in the water!