Tin Plate Power House Guide Up

I have finally completed the dive guide to the Tin Plate Power House, located on the berm upstream from the locks. I divided it into two parts since there is a lot of information to share.

It’s located under the heading “Upstream Sites”, which now includes

Unlike the areas around the locks and hydroelectric plant, the “Tin Plate” has not sustained any damage from the flooding and crazy currents of 2017. Although I updated some videos recently, I also found (and included) footage from as far back as 2013 that show virtually the same views, differing only in particular details.

River conditions are quite pleasant now. Temperature has been 73F/23C – late in arriving but nice to have anyway. Hopefully with the expected hot weather continuing, it’ll stick around for a while.

Enjoy the Tin Plate. It’s relatively short (35-45 minutes though can be extended) but is interesting and generally calmer. Do remember however that the site is comparatively small so does not lend itself to a lot of people at once. Groups of 2 to 4, well spaced, work best.

See you in the water!