You’ve arrived at the earliest possible moment in this website’s development… the point at which I have almost nothing to offer. But that’s OK – it’s going to change quickly.

The goal? To provide an in-depth guide to diving from shore in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada. It will include photos, site guides, explanations, history. It’ll be quite simple at first but expand regularly as new information is gained from repetitive dives.

The river dives here are drift dives, and they last about an hour. I get one chance at checking details as I skim along. It’s a whole lot of fun but the learning (and the recording) process can be slow.

At first you’ll get a lot of words.  You’ll see things like “diagram” or “photo” in the middle of a post or page… which means I’ve got them but haven’t adjusted them for insertion yet.  Just keep checking back.

It’s going to be an adventure. I’m glad you’ve come along!



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